Why Surrogacy

Why Surrogacy

You know I never expected ever to be a surrogate, I never asked or sought out to be one, and the only time I ever had an experience with it was watching "Baby Mama" in high school, with my besties, cracking up because the experience seemed so out of my realm (pregnancy at all for that matter).

BUT. 9 years, a husband, and a beautiful daughter later, here I am writing about an amazing experience I am now a part of. If you haven't already head over to read my experience with the diagnosis of PCOS and what the specialist said was going to be a long road of possible infertility for me but God had a different plan.

Here's a quick version:

  • Luke and I were not trying to get pregnant at this time
  • Early 2017 I was diagnosed with PCOS by a specialist. I was told I would probably need to go through infertility treatments to become pregnant. I dealt with a lot of anxiety & fear about it because the one thing I longed for was to become a mom.
  • I started taking medication to force by body to have a cycle every month, which meant consistent pregnancy tests before taking the medication each month for safety precaution. This became routine and because of my diagnosis I never thought it would come back positive!
  • Consistently going to church and felt the urge to get prayer. I did not say anything and the woman who prayed over me touched my belly and said don't worry God will heal you.
  • One month later I took my routine pregnancy test before taking my medication
  • I WAS PREGNANT with our girl Henley
  • 2018 Henley was born
  • Early 2019 surrogacy became a part of my life's path!

And so it began. Becoming a surrogate was something that came up in conversation and i was then given the opportunity, if I wanted/ was interested. I was intrigued but still wasn't sure! I had so many questions, and had to talk to Luke about it all! Well after a lot of consideration, we decided it was right for our family. To help another family have a child they couldn't physically have themselves, it was such a beautiful opportunity for me! TO share my testimony and afterwards share my experience with those around me!

Fast forward a few month... I was nervous and excited to begin the journey BUT because of my past diagnosis I was not looking forward to the medical clearance. I went in thinking the Dr would say there were cysts and that there wasn't a chance this would work.... they did a routine ultrasound of my uterus and ovaries.


The Doctor saw only healthy tissue along with no cysts. LIKE WHAT?! I knew I got pregnant, with Henley, because God healed my body, but to have the medical and physical proof my body was healed was seriously incredible! It made the surrogacy process such an easy decision! I felt like God healed me and with purpose! He provided me the ability to carry my own baby, and now i would help another family have a baby. Share the miracle God gave me to another deserving family!


I passed my background, psych test, and medical tests, and filled out a lot of paperwork! This brought us to the start of medication. In order to prepare my body for the embryo transfer, I have to start taking medication & doing injections of hormones. Typically your body does this naturally when you ovulate and then get pregnant, but in this process everything is very controlled in order for the transfer to go well and the process to have the best outcome for success (the embryo sticking and me becoming pregnant!)

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